Published by Rockcliffe University Consortium, the Journal of Virtual Studies (ISSN-2155-0107) is an international, open source, and peer-reviewed journal with a ten year history of research and praxis involving virtual spaces and their use in education.

The Journal of Virtual Studies aims to create a medium that encourages continual renewal of what a virtual space for learning is and how virtual spaces can be best used in multiple educational contexts. The Journal will be publishing biannually (twice a year, in May and November), and will include both papers and multimedia (i.e., infographics, video/machinima, audio, and other forms of interactive media).


Rockcliffe University Consortium, Sacramento, CA, USA


Managing Editor

Leticia De Leon, EdD
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, TX, USA

Research Editor


Praxis Editor


Conceptual Editor


Editorial Board





About the Editorial Board

Editorial board members are selected by the journal’s editor(s), with input from the publisher. Editorial boards generally undergo a complete revision every two or three years, with members joining, stepping down or continuing for another term. The service of the Editorial Board is voluntary with no monetary compensation. Changes also occur in the interim, for example if a member resigns.

All submitted manuscripts and multimedia will undergo a double blind review process, as coordinated by the Journal Category Editors

Want to Join Our Editorial Board?

Qualified candidates should be able to show expertise in the use of virtual spaces in education, in any discipline and any grade or level. This expertise should be demonstrated in the curriculum vitae by listing relevant research, professional development and/or teaching experience, and service that demonstrate educational uses of virtual spaces, as described in the journal’s vision and mission.

If you wish to apply to be a member of the editorial board, you will need to submit a current curriculum vitae and a cover letter with the following information:

  • any experience you may have as a peer reviewer;
  • whether you are able and willing to review for all three categories in the journal;
  • whether you are able and willing to review both papers and multimedia;
  • and/or any additional information that you feel strengthens your candidacy as a reviewer.

Peer reviewers will benefit from having their name published as part of Editorial Board in every issue’s masthead, and be provided a yearly letter of recognition for service.

Those interested in joining a journal’s editorial board should send both the cover letter and curriculum vitae attached in an email to Leticia De Leon, Managing Editor, at journals@urockcliffe.com