Praxis Paper Review

Praxis Paper Review

Instructions: Peer reviewers are responsible for rating the quality of each criteria, providing actionable feedback, and recommendations for improvement for the assigned submission. If no revisions are required, comments should provide specific feedback on the quality demonstrated for each criteria. Ratings of neither agree nor disagree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree, need to be accompanied by substantive recommendations for fixing these concerns, not just criticize what was wrong. Keep in mind that authors wish to improve their work, and criticism without feedback do not fulfill the obligations of a reviewer.

Please be aware that all comments and ratings are shared with the author, with the exception of the reviewer name and comments to editor. Keep your audience in mind when writing comments that will assist them in improving their paper, if revisions become necessary.

Identification of Paper


Theory or Framework

Supporting Literature


Lessons Learned

Grammar and Usage


Comments to editor will not be shared with author (this section is mandatory if the recommendation is either of the rejection options above. Otherwise please include n/a.)